Indoor IS Over -This Year

This is my second year to participate in SYWAT (Shoot Your Way Across Texas).  What a ride. Mentally that is.  In archery, there are many critical steps to release the energy in a drawn bow to the arrow and get it to strike where you intend.  Overthinking or not thinking enough, can make the difference between a score of 5 or 0.  Archery is as much as a mental sport as it is a physical sport.  My weakness this year was my release, which is letting go of the string correctly. I see that I have improved, but there is room for more improvement.  

Though there is stress in any tournament, I enjoy the competition.  Competition for me really helps me gauge my skill level and where I am mentally. And I've realized this year the effect you can have on other persons mental state.  There is a gentleman that is an excellent shooter that has given me both solicited and unsolicited advice/criticism.  If I shoot next to him, I tend to have a lower score.  I feel like he is critiquing me. In all actuality, he isn't.  He has his own arrows to deal with.  So never tell an archer what they are doing wrong during a tournament, it could totally screw up their game.  There is a correct way to help them and an incorrect.  If you don't know which is which, it's better left unsaid.

I would always recommend going and shooting an archery tourney, even if you are a novice.  It's a great chance to meet other archers and to see many different styles of shooting. I've made some great contacts with people I would have never met otherwise.  Even though archery tends towards an individual sport, there is still the group mentality that it is "Us" learning the bow together.