My Absence

Hello my fellow hobbits,
My apologies for being absent for so long...though I have been active on my Youtube Channel.

The Bearded Hobbit

It has been a non-stop circus here.  October and November are my busiest months of the year.  So many trips and to add to it we are just now getting the house in order.  Though my Honey-Do List does continues to grow.  I've got some videos and photo blogs in the works and will be loading those ASAP.  I have real work to finish first.  I have an insect survey I did back in August right before the hurricane that I must key out. Muy Importante.

So what's in the works?

  • It is Texas Renaissance Festival Time, so I'll have some cosplay builds
  • And because we take the kids to the Renaissance Festival, I have a wagon upgrade build
  • I will also be tackling my first dining table, due by Thanksgiving
  • Toybox play "lid"

But give me time, I got my bugs to identify, and an archery tournament that my son and I are participating coming up.  So I'll be back as soon as I can.