Sunday, October 22, 2017

DIY Playboard / Toybox Top

It is a simple board, but the boy loves it.  I mean c'mon, give them a box and there are activities for days!  I'll give you a quick rundown on the build, but you make the final as to how complex or simple you want to go.

Materials Needed:
3/4 inch high grade plyboard (Cabinet grade)
1/4 inch panel board
Drill bit (I used 1 inch hole saw bit)

1. Cut board to size to fit the top of the toy box.  Then round the edges with your jigsaw.

2. For ease of flipping and holding, I drilled and jigsawed hand openings at each end.  First I drilled two holes about 6 inches apart using my hole bit.  Then using the jigsaw, I cut the remainder of the hole for the handle.

3. Using a straight bit for my router, I first cut the deeper part of the lake.  Take your time and make sure you go against the rotation of your router. Then shorten your bit and finish the rest of your lake.

4. I then cut a few a few shapes to make hills.  Start with the larger base and then start adding to the nest levels.  You can get crazy or go simple, your choice.

5. Glue everything in place with wood glue.

6. One side will was requested to be white.  I left this side to be flat so it could also be a Lego work table.  

7. I used spray paint, but any paint will work.  I also taped the edges to give that wood look to the edges. It was a nice pop.

8. I went with a normal green for the landscape, and two blues for the water.  I went simple, but you could really get detailed here.  I had to talk myself out of it.  I really love to make more work for myself.

Overall, it was a fairly quick project that has already gotten tons of use.  There has been many Lego battles and projects on the board.  Though for some reason, I really want to drill a small hole and make a mini-golf course.  

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Monday, October 9, 2017

My Absence

Hello my fellow hobbits,
My apologies for being absent for so long...though I have been active on my Youtube Channel.

The Bearded Hobbit

It has been a non-stop circus here.  October and November are my busiest months of the year.  So many trips and to add to it we are just now getting the house in order.  Though my Honey-Do List does continues to grow.  I've got some videos and photo blogs in the works and will be loading those ASAP.  I have real work to finish first.  I have an insect survey I did back in August right before the hurricane that I must key out. Muy Importante.

So what's in the works?

  • It is Texas Renaissance Festival Time, so I'll have some cosplay builds
  • And because we take the kids to the Renaissance Festival, I have a wagon upgrade build
  • I will also be tackling my first dining table, due by Thanksgiving
  • Toybox play "lid"

But give me time, I got my bugs to identify, and an archery tournament that my son and I are participating coming up.  So I'll be back as soon as I can.
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