A Journey Beyond the Shire

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted.  We have been in the middle of a move for the past 3 months.  And by middle of a move, I mean, sold our house, moved into an apartment, and then into our new home.  This was not by design but by circumstance.  Let me tell you, this Hobbit has ingested many an ale and cider through this ordeal.  Had I access to pipe weed, I think I would have pulled a classic Merry and Pippin and toked away. I will not bore you with details but will give you a short tale of how everything fell apart but came to together in the end.

Leaving the Shire
We found the home we wanted.  It met most of the requirements and wants, only missing a few.  This was good.  We placed an offer on the house, which was accepted.  We then placed our home on the market.  We soon had on offer on our home which allowed us to move forward in the many, many steps to purchase a new home.  And then came the inspection.  This was a new home we were purchasing, new construction.  As with any new home, we expected an easy inspection.  There were some issues spotted by our very thorough inspector.  It was upon his recommendation we get a roofer out there to inspect it, so we did.  Let me be frank here, when a Christian based company has one of its top employees tell you something is “shit”, you listen.  This is the exact description I received about the roof ON A NEW CONSTRUCTION.  If ever you are buying a home, new or old, and you are asked if you want an inspection answer in your best Severus Snape “Always”.

The Apartment
As a result of the terrible inspection and multiple red flags, we moved on.  We sold our home and had to move.  So without knowing how long it would take to find a home, we signed a short lease hoping to find something soon.  The apartment wasn’t that great, though they were attempting to update.  I have moved all over East Texas and lived in some crappy places, so this really didn’t bother me.  My concern was my wife and kids.  How is this going to impact them?  My wife and I try to be as cognizant of how our actions and emotions affect our children.  I gotta say I worried for nothing, they were champs.  Going from a three-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment was a bit of an adjustment, but we made due. I was still able to grill a bit, thanks MacGuyver. Kids had a play place under the stairs complete with the décor of Christmas lights.  It was a pretty cool hobbit hole.  And then we found….

Hobbit Farms
The journey to get here was tiresome. We place offers on homes that were not accepted, spent money on inspections, only to find issues we were not willing or financially able to overlook.  We are by no means “those” house hunters.  And then everything happened.  We placed a contract on a home, only to be told by the builder, they couldn’t cancel the last contract.  So what do we do, wait?  And then the phone rang.  Our realtor got the scoop on a home that had just went back on market and it was everything we were looking for.  We walked through and put an offer in the same day.  And I am typing this now from that very home.  I have land and room to play with the kids.  I cannot complain.  So look forward for post from the new area with reviews on outdoor gear and tools, as well as tools.  I have a small forest to clear.  Upon signing up for home maintenance material, I decided to call the home Hobbit Farms.  I have no vegetables or animals yet, but I suspect you will be seeing those i


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it was worth the troubles. I'm happy for you and your family.


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