Gear: Kid-O-Bunk

My family travels. Quite a bit.  When we do visit friends and family there is often not much room to accommodate us plus kids and sometimes the dog.  I'm sure many of you parents out there can relate.  Travel can be cramped.  I happened upon the idea of looking for some type of bunk cot after seeing some that the Red Cross had set up in a disaster center.  It did not take me long to come across Kid-O-Bunks.

The cool thing about these beds is that they can stack.  Safely.  This really helps in saving space if you are in a cramped room.  When we go camping this saves a lot of room for gear, particularly if it rains and we have to take cover in the tent.

When using the bunks, there is a special leg that is attached to the bottom of the top bunk.  These legs pop into the rounded black "wheel" at each of the four corners. (See Video)  These bunks are then lashed together at each end using the supplied strapping to keep tension between the two bunks.

But, you don't have to stack them, you can use them as regular kids cots.  We have used this configuration during many sleepovers. Kids really love to sleep in these.

Some Specs:

  • 200lb weight limit for each cot
  • 5ft is about the max height for comfortable sleeping
  • Each cot is about 45lbs
  • 18in space between top and bottom bunk
  • Very stable due to width of base
  • Side storage to keep all their crap
               More specs on Amazon

I really have only good things to say about the bed.  However, I will point out a few things to be aware of when using the beds.  
  • Construction. With anything, make sure you have put it together correctly.  The bed can take a minute to put up, so don't expect to do it in a hurry.  If parts are not pushed tightly together or placed correctly, you risk collapse.  I wouldn't expect anything major if that happened as the tension still holds it together quite well.

  • Camping in the Cold.  It's easy to forget the comfort of your little ones.  Remember, these are off the ground, so just like an air mattress, they can get cold underneath.  Make sure you add a blanket or layer of some kind to keep them warm.

  • Sound. Dear god these things can be louder than a Sunchips bag!  So, our kids usually use sleeping bags when sleeping on these.  The friction between the bags and the cot material is noticeable.  It has woken me up a few times.  The solution is simply using blankets or placing a small blanket underneath the sleeping bag.  Doing this actually helps to solve the "Sleeping in the cold" problem.

All in all, I highly recommend these.  Though the price can be steep, you will question as to why you didn't buy them sooner.  

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