The "Giant Ocean Tornado" Box


Call it a shelter-in-place box, a bug-in box.  Being in the potential path of future hurricanes, It's called the "Hurricane Box" around our home. Whether for storms, power outages, or flooding, every home should have an emergency box. Everyone will face different potential dangers so your emergency box will differ from mine.  However, looking through mine might give you an insight as to what you might need and why you might need it.

Water is number one on the list.  Often times during major extended outages from storms or floods, water treatment facilities are not able to keep water clean for customers they service.  It's great if you have a way to treat your own water, but often times it's easier to simply have some on hand.  Just make sure you store your water off the floor, particularly concrete.  Concrete can interact will water jugs and foul your water over the long term.

Food is also important.  Though you will be busy eating whatever is thawing from your freezer or fridge, having some back up for any extended stay will be helpful.  Most grocery stores are picked clean days leading up to a storm and days after.  It will take a few days to restock, so buy now and have it stored.  Choose foods that are easy to store, easy to make and fun to eat.  Having comfort food is important for morale if you need to dip into the box. 

Busy Items
As I have kids, this is high on the list.  I throw a few things like toys and coloring activity books into my box.  Kids can get bored easily so its important to keep them entertained. Of course, with kids, they will more than likely want to play in the box more than anything else.  Something about boxes cats and kids love.

Medical Kits
Most people already have medical supplies on hand in the home.  Simply having a back up is reassuring.  Also, if you need to pick up and go, you have one already packed.  First Aid kits are always tricky and the store bought kits are never up to my standards.  It is okay to start with those types of kits, but I suggest adding more gauze and large wrappings, topical antibiotics, iodine, 3M wrap and some cold compression packs.

Flashlights are cheap, there is no reason not to have a few tucked away somewhere.  You can buy some high dollar lights and I recommend having one well made light; my favorite are headlamps.  Headlamps are nice because you are hands free.  I am also linking to the Goal Zero Solar Charger I mentioned in the video.

So there you have it.  I've listed out the basics, for a more detailed journey through my items, please check out the video.

Did I miss anything, leave a comment!