Spring Break 2017: Day 2

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Day 2: Pedernales Falls State Park

We woke up with a purpose on Day 2.  We ate breakfast and packed for the day.  Packing was relatively easy.  Our bag from the previous day at Barton Creek was essentially packed.  I would like to say this was planned, but I'm gonna be honest that it was from laziness that we didn't unpack it.  I'll take it though.

From our location on Lake Travis, we were about 50 min out.  So just a side note about the Hill Country, you can't really use time to judge distance.  Pedernales Falls was only 36 miles away (HWY 101), but due to the back roads and terrain, it will take a bit to arrive.  So plan ahead.

Though it took awhile to get there, it was worth it.  Remember, the drive is part of the experience.  It was a great drive, one that you want to just roll down your windows, weather permitting, and just take it all in.

I will warn you though, there is a small water crossing along the way.  And it does sneak up on you.  Clear water can be tricky to judge depth, but since we were in an SUV, I wasn't that concerned.  Though Stephanie had a heart attack, a stroke, and another heart attack when we went through.

We survived the "Great River Crossing of 2017" and arrived at the park.  Beautiful drive into the park to the front gate, which had a great view.

The view was nice and we had plenty of time to enjoy it as there was a line to get into the park.  Ah, yes.  Spring break.  Due to the heavy influx of tourist, the Falls were closed due to being at capacity. So we were diverted to the swimming area.  I was really bummed out, but I had hope that we could get there later in the day.  I decided to enjoy time with family where ever we ended up.  I was not disappointed.

The Walk Down

At Least There Are Steps

Realized that this will be a hike.  Not a long hike to the water, but still a bit. It will be easy going down, not so much going up.  Totally worth it.  I won't spoil you with the details because it's better for you to experience.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
Swim Area

My Beautiful Wife

Lowery's can use anything to fish

It's Me!

Fly Larvae

A Family That Hikes Together...

After our adventure at the swim area, we packed up to head to the Falls.  Unfortunately, it was still closed.


The staff was very friendly when I asked if they knew when it would reopen.  They said to check out a few of the other areas and come back.  So if you decide to go during Spring Break, be prepared to wait. We drove around for about 15 min. and then returned.  Gate open!  Off to the falls we go.

The Falls

Natural Spring

Upstream from falls

Some gorgeous people

It was amazing.  We wore out the kids, but they loved every minute.  So many sights to see and all was very relaxing.  We called it a day and made our way back to our cottage to rest up.  Day 3 lay ahead and we needed the rest.  Pedernales Falls is now on our list of areas to return to visit in the future.  I hope you add it to yours; you will not be disappointed.

Day 3 lies ahead...