Saturday Night Fletching

On occasions, I have some free time to do some of the many small tasks that seem to build up.  Last night I was able to catch up on some fletching for my sons arrows.

When I got these, they had the plastic vanes for compound shooting, or at least with an arrow rest.  But because we shoot traditional, the vanes would cause the arrow to bounce as it moved over the shelf of the riser. So to remedy this, I went to work.  Fletching was something I was afraid to do
at first, but I was able to get over that.

And now it is something I find very relaxing.  It's a fairly simple process: Place fletch in the jig clamp, add super glue to the bottom ridge of fletch, and then position the jig clamp and wait to dry. Easy enough, and of course, watching Vikings was a good motivator.


And I gotta give a shout out to Loctite Gel.  This stuff is awesome, really easy to use.

As you can can in the above photo, another little trick is to add glue at the front of the fletching to help prevent it catching.  So far, so good.  So now tonight, its my turn to fletch some of my arrows.  Kids before parents, right.