The Trip

My winter camping trip was spawned from my buddy, David, who was interested in camping out with the famous "Merriweather" Vordorbruggen.  Who wouldn't want to camp with a guy that cooks June bugs for snacks and adds a salad foraged from your yard.  I upped the ante by inviting the Youtube "Mr. Rogers" of camping, Kenneth Kramm. Dreams do come true. The knowledge between these two could fill books of knowledge, and when the zombies show up, these guys are on speed dial.  Unfortunately,  due to schedules and life, Ken could not make the trip, but what he doesn't know is that I plan on catching him soon on a trip.  So I guess, Merriweather will have to do. Just kidding, it was awesome.

As David and I arrive at the campsite, Merriweather is already hard at work building an oven. 

This guy is a beast.  The oven looks great, and if you are interested in the build, head on over to his Blog: Into the Borderlands

So while the oven was warming up, and bread soon to be baked, David and I set up camp in the young pine forest on the property.  We cleared any "widow makers" (These are trees that could fall under windy conditions and possible kill you while you slept) and set up our camp.  Ice still crunched under foot as the canopy kept the temperatures low.  Great weather to test our gear, and personally great weather to sleep.

After camp was set, we walked the land in search of any small game that dare cross our path.  Of course, David and I were only armed with my recurve bows, so had anything crossed my path, they had a really good chance of escaping me.  Though, everyone else was packing, so any small game might not be so lucky.  However, with the dropping temperatures, no game and no foraged food.  But lucky for us (or just planned out), we had backup.


On return to camp, we put to good use the oven and campfire grill.  All bellies were full, good conversation and a nip of the spirits amongst friends.  My toes began to go numb and I knew it was time for bed.  Everyone had the same idea, I think we were just waiting for someone else to mention it. Everyone crashed in their respective camp gear, though I suspect our host, the "Bus" man, slept the warmest (He had a "bus" camp). 

My gear worked really well, pleased with the build and sleeping bag.  Although my feet did get cold because they slipped off the sleeping pad.  Side Note: Putting hand warmers in your socks are awesome....putting two hand warmers in each sock....bad idea.  I woke up from sleeping believing my feet were literally on fire.  I've never cam out of a sleeping bag so fast.  Lesson learned, more is not always better.

When morning came I was starving, so hungry.  One rule of camping light or backpacking: ALWAYS CARRY TORTILLAS.  If you have it, HEB fresh tortillas.  The breakfast of the lower gods was had: Eggs and bacon breakfast taco and coffee.  I know you are asking "Why lower gods?".  Breakfast of the gods must include an alcohol, mead or cider, I wasn't going that hardcore that weekend.

The trip for us had come to an end as we had to get back home to the family.  Fun was had by all, and I wanted to thank the "Bus" man for his hospitality and his generosity as he gifted his guess with a hand made item. 

Many thanks good sir, I will be honing it and remembering a great trip.