DIY Sleep Pad Complete

Jan 5, 2017
It's getting COLD here in Texas.  And I mean cold, not 60F or even 40F, it's getting into the 20's in East and South Texas.  Yes, I know all you Northerns are laughing at us, but remember, we do the same when you talk about how hot and humid it is in summer where you are.  So, I'm getting ready for my camping trip, and I am a bit nervous.  I've camped cold weather before, but it wasn't with an new, untested set up.  I am confident I have it set up to keep me warm. It's one night, I can power through.  I just have to call upon my old Scotts-Irish ancestry to help me get through.  Whiskey.  Just kidding...maybe.   So I finished my build of my DIY sleeping pad.  I think it will do wonders, and feels comfy.  You can find the write up on my DIY page.