Cold Camping 1/17

Welcome back,
All limbs accounted for, did not freeze, so I count that as a success!  My "Texas" winter camping trip went well.  It dropped down into the 20's fairly quickly as the sun went down.  Camping in East Texas has always been one of my favorite locations, as that is where I grew up.  There is something about the pines that calls to me. I

As you can see, there was still ice on the ground in the forest.  My camping buddy, David and I camped at the edge of a young forest near the bottom of the hill.  With the cold air sinking to that area, combined with the tree cover, it remained chilly all day.  It was the perfect area for us to test some gear for cold weather camping.  It's always important to know the limits of yourself and your gear.

I decided to stay off the ground with a hammock set up, you know, the perfect height for wild boar to come eat me. The concern with being is the air is heat loss as air flow all around pulls the heat off. Hence, the DIY Sleeping pad (found on my DIY page) and the zero degree sleeping bag.  David went with the tarp ground shelter.

I slept great!  Although, I woke up early morning to chilly feet to realize I had slid my feet off my sleeping pad. Easy fix, hand warmers in the socks. Toasty Toes!  Except, an hour later me feet were on FIRE!  Use caution my friends.

My Setup:

ALPS Mountaineering Crescent Lake 0-Degree Sleeping Bag (Regular)

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Hammock

Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Waterproof lightweight Camping and Survival Tarp Shelter (Cream, 360x280 cm)

And of course it wouldn't be a Texas camping trip without a gun!

 To be continued...