A Family That Shoots Together....

This past Sunday made me smile.  As you can tell from the photo, the whole family went outside and shot our bows.  Even our toddler (for a short time), shot big brothers hand me down PVC bow.  It was a good lesson for my oldest, Thing1.  He was able to see the patience aspect of shooting as well as just shooting for fun.  I was proud to see that he didn't get as frustrated if he missed.  He is sometimes hard on himself, which is ok, but I want him to understand that it's not always about hitting the target every single time.  Sometimes, its just about getting outside.  Sometimes it's about breathing. Sometimes it's about being. I know at his age his mind doesn't think that way, but I hope that he can learn by example, even if he doesn't know that is what he is learning.  It's important to us as parents to try and "model" when we can.  Little eyes are always watching.  I hope our shooting continues.  It's always fun to get outside with the family.

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